My Educational Partners

One Company, Diverse Solutions


My  Educational Partners – One Company, Diverse Solutions

MEP_REH_ALHMEP  was founded on the simple desire to assist educators find products and  solutions to meet the diverse needs of today’s classroom.

We understand and appreciate the demands and presures educators are under to “Do more with less”.

Therefore our goal is to listen  and educate ourselves about the challenges you are facing in your  school or district.  Once  we feel we have a grasp of  your problem areas, we ask the questions: “What  are your needs?” and “How  can we Help?”

“But, we do not have any money  now.”

With today’s economy,  the most common response that we get when asking to setup a  consultation is “But, we do not have any money  now.”  Please don’t let this stop you from seeing us.

It is beneficial to be up to  date with current products, and to know what is out there and when the following statement happens you are ready.

“We  ‘found’ some money, but we have to spend it quickly.”

This is the second most common  phrase that we hear. The best advice we can give is this. With funding
being limited, when it does become available you need to be prepared so that you can maximize the usefulness of those funds to best meet the  needs of your school or district.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to have some quotes on hand just in case some money comes available.

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