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Custom Solutions

MEP specializes in creating custom solutions to meet the needs of educators. We LISTEN and then present solutions.

Since MEP represents a diverse set of publishers, we have a wide variety of materials to help create unique solutions for your school/district. Here are some examples of customization that MEP has done in NC & SC.

Customized District Trade Book Order Forms – Does your district have Mentor Text  Custom Book Lists or other reading list specific to your district?

Let us pull it all together for you into one nice and easy orderform that you can share with your schools. We can let you know which products are out of print.  We can even bypass minimum special order requirements.

Sample Bags for meeting and trainings – one of the most popular “Services” we provide, is we let district personnel select “recommended” materials that they would like their schools to have a sample of.  Then we put together a sample bag with those materials only, then the district personnel can give the bags out at their meetings. We can also provide door prizes etc

Customized Trainings – See a product in the catalog and want us to build a training around it? We can do that.

Parent Resource Bags – We carefully chose books for Grades K-5 to place in a Parent Resource room at Title One schools. Parents can check these bags out from their school and have wonderful reading materials at home to experience with their child. We included leveled text and trade books in a variety of fiction and nonfiction.

Take Home Backpacks – We chose leveled text for Grades 1-3 to take home weekly. We used a variety of publishers to have diverse text to keep the students engaged. We had a printing company make customized bags with the district name and logo. The bags were color coded by grade level.

Custom Progress Monitoring Book Sets for mClass users – We developed bundles of books that educators can use for their mClass assessments. (place link to order form here)

Classroom Libraries to fit any budget

To learn more, please feel free to contact us anytime..

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