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NC mClass PM Kits

K-5  Sundance/Newbridge Progress Monitoring Kits for mCLASS®: Reading 3D™Customized for North Carolina!


SUPPORT reading comprehension assessment with kits containing award-winning  Sundance/Newbridge standards-based fiction and nonfiction leveled  readers, and that meet the NEW  TRC Cut Scores.

SIMPLIFY assessment with one-click downloads and unique comprehension cards for each title.

MAXIMIZE budget dollars: Leveled readers may be used for small-group instruction, independent reading, AND Progress Monitoring!

Sundance/Newbridge Progress Monitoring Kits for mCLASS®: Reading 3D™
provide flexible and effective formative assessment for a full view of each student’s reading development. With 15 kits available for Grades K-5, utilize the power and convenience of mCLASS software with your
favorite Sundance and Newbridge books.

Using Sundance/Newbridge books for Progress Monitoring for mCLASS®: Reading 3D™ is as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Hundreds of accurately leveled fiction and nonfiction readers pre-selected into kits covering a wide variety of genres and GRLs A to W.
  2. Effortless one-click download from the mCLASS website and purchase of print books.
  3. Use the unique Sundance/Newbridge Comprehension Cards to track each student’s progress and to ensure consistency and rigor of assessment with title-specific comprehension questions.
  4. for 2014…FREE Written Comprehension Cards with Rubrics  (F-W)

2 Kits (A and B) are available for each grade level.

Reading Level
Grade K 12-book kits
include 3 titles at each Level A-D
Grade 1 33-book kits
include 3 titles at each Level A-K
Grade 2 35-book kits
include 3 titles at each Level C-M and 2 titles at Level N
Grade 3 35-book kits
include 3 titles at each Level E-M and 2 titles at each Level N-Q
Grades K-3 47-book kits
include 3 titles at each Level A-M and 2 titles at each Level N-Q
Grades 4-5 34-book kit
includes 2 titles at each Level L-M and 3 titles at each Level N-W
Grades K-5
59-book kits
include all titles in Grades K-3 kits plus additional 2 titles at each
Level R-W
Take a closer look!
Download a list of individual titles in each kit.

Comprehension Question Cards

Save time!
Each kit also includes title-specific Comprehension Question Cards, so you don’t need to write your own questions for progress monitoring sessions.


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