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mClass Written Comprehension Questions (Download)

Sundance / Newbridge mClass PM kits now come with written comprehension questions and Rubrics!

That’s right.  We have always had the oral comprehension questions.  But now you can download the corresponding written comprehension questions and rubrics to go with the Sundance / Newbridge titles you are already using to PM your students. FREE!

Before you download those questions (at the bottom of this page)….if you need materials to help teach students the comprehension skills they are being tested on and “monitored” on….maybe you should take a look at Spotlight on Comprehension.  

Grades 1-6

These titles were specifically written to teach one of 8 specific comprehension skills.
(Identifying detail, Main Idea, Sequencing, Compare and Contrast, Fact and Opinion, Cause and Effect, Bias and Prejudice, Figurative Language)

Spotlight on Comprehension pairs wonderfully with the Progress Monitoring Kits. Once you have done the TRC assessment this product helps you explicitly teach comprehension with model text, leveled text and teaching support. 

SOC Brochure

Grade 2 and Grade 5 Teacher Guide Sampler

Six Minute Spotlight Tour

Look at the back cover of one of the Fiction titles Trading In.

You will notice that is a “Level N” and that it is designed to help teach “Main Idea”.
While there is a very extensive Teacher Guide, each title also comes with a “Mini-Teacher guide” on the inside back cover.  This is a nice point of  point of use feature.


SOC Back Cover SOC Back inside cover


Interactive Whiteboard CD and Big Books model specific strategies and clarify understanding of each skill.

Big Books

  • Fiction and nonfiction pieces are written for each skill.
  • Laminated pages allow students and teachers to mark up the text.
  • Allows you instruct in small groups

Interactive Whiteboard CD

The interactive whiteboard CD allows you to instruct to the whole class and allow student and interactive chance to practice their skills.

Finally, while these kits were designed to be “per teacher”. But with budgets the way they are, that just not practical. Therefore sundance has provide a way for you to license the interactive whiteboard CD content for the entire school. Then you can order 1 or 2 SOC kits per grade level and put them in your book room.

You can get grades 1-5 for $6,246.86 for your bookroom (Assuming 15% discount and reduced shipping).

You can download an example quote here.

Let us know if you would like to Learn more or receive a sample.

Ricky Harlow 919.395.3653



Click to Download Sundance / Newbridge written comprehension questions and Rubrics (F-W)  FREE!


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