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 Sundance Newbridge Publishing is a supplemental publisher of ELA print and digital resources for PreK-8 students, especially in the areas of reading comprehension and early literacy. Our standards-aligned literacy programs are designed to provide meaningful, interactive experiences with informational and literacy texts, supported with purposeful and explicit instruction.

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Integrating Print & Digital books into the 21st century classroom

Brain Hive has over 30K titles from our 25+ preferred publishers. 

Brain Hive specializes in creating Print & Digital packages so you can still have the print your teachers want, but “Future Proof” those purchases with Digital.

The platform goes well beyond just reading ebooks and markups on those books. Every title comes with free “Interactive Graphic Organizers” (GOs). Certain titles come with free “Interactive Black Line Masters (BLMs)”. The GOs and BLMs can be used in used in “Side by Side” mode, providing a scaffolded way for students to fill out the Gos and BLMs next to the text they reading, just as they would with print.


Supplemental Products to Enhance the Core Curriculum

Blue Star Education is committed to helping students meet standards and surpass expectations by engaging them in learning activities that make an impact on their lives.

As an educational publisher, we create supplemental materials that motivate students to take an active role in developing skills in all areas of the curriculum. 

Additionally we produce Parent Guides, Take home Backpacks, NC Cursive Workbooks, and much more

NC Cursive Workbook

Parents Guides (PreK-8)

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Pacific Learning is the dedicated provider of PreK–8+ literacy solutions since 1999. Our supplemental resources are research-based and designed to increase instructional excellence and student achievement.

We specialize in literacy resources in the following areas: comprehension,differentiated instruction, leveled reading, interactive technology, intervention, parent involvement, and more!

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