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Read To Achieve Summer Camp Solutions

Have you found a solution to meet the NC Read to Achieve Summer Reading Camp requirements for your school or district?

We can help no matter the direction you are going.

  1. Choose from a 4 week or 6 week NC Reading Summer Camp custom built and correlated to the 12 NC Read to Achieve standards.
    1. Cost effective and ideal for a school with low numbers of teachers and students at a given school or who are planninng on implementing other programs as well.
      1. $649 for a 4 week program or $949 for 6 week program
      2. See the correlations below
  2.  Use the full Spotlight on Comprehension kits Grade levels G-P and share between multiple teachers
    1. Cost effective and ideal for a school with a large number of teachers and students at a given school
      1. Can be custom tailored to fit your specific needs
      2. See the correlations below
  3. Build your own
    1. We can custom build what you want “A la carte”

How it works


All Spotlight on Comprehension titles were specific written to teach a specific comprehension skill

  • Identifying Detail
  • Main Idea
  • Sequencing
  • Compare and Contract
  • Fact and Opinion
  • Cause and Effect
  • Bias and Prejudice
  • Figurative Language
  1. Using either the Big Book selection or Interactive Whiteboard selection, you teach a whole class lesson on a specific skill
    1. The Big Books are dry erase marker capable
    2. The Interactive CD has the big book selections plus additional interactive activities
  2. Using the level guided reading titles (G-P) you can have students work in small groups or work independently on their own guided reading level
    1. The comprehensive Teacher Guide gives additional information and activities
    2. Each student book, has a “mini” teacher in the back inside cover


Correlations to the 12 NC Read to Achieve Standards


Spotlight on Comprehension – G-I

Spotlight on Comprehension – J-N

Spotlight on Comprehension – N-P


 If you do not think this is what you want to do for your summer  reading camps, then you still can implement Spotlight on Comprehension for school bookrooms. Ask us how.


If you have any questions, please free to contact:

Rick Harloww


Amber Harlow




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